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Core Committe Meeting

Vakuta PNG Help Group Milne Bay Association (Inc)

P.O.Box 393, Alotau, Milne Bay Province 211
Papua New Guinea
Core Group Committee

Date:     2 September 2012
Place :     Mr. & Mrs. Makulas Residence
Time:    04:00pm – 05:30pm

In attention:

1.    Mrs. Rudy Jonathan
2.    Mrs. Mary Mark
3.    Mrs. Beverly Tomuriesa
4.    Dulcie Tobina
5.    Mrs. Monica (Boyom) Kevaro
6.    Mrs. Grace Bonnel
7.    Mrs. Nathasa Martin
8.    Mrs. Agatha Makula
9.    Mr. John Makula


Formal meeting with the women.

Mr. & Mrs. Makula welcome the women
Followed briefing from Rudy regarding birth packing sewing  as per Grace Hull instructions.

Then Mr. Makula read a mail from Grace Hull for the women to check with Alotau shops for kind and price of sewing machines.

Few discussions regards to Fundraising and membership.

These two  topics were brought up by the women.

To start working women elected Dulcie Tobiina as their Leader and Mary Mark as her assistant.

They proposed that as soon as practical and get group confirm each will affiliate K10;00 as membership fee. All women agreed.

So for Fundraising and Membership will be fully discussed next meeting of Sunday 9 September 2012.

Also on Sunday 9 September 2012 all will drop in K2.00 to star off with fund raising. This K2.00 is not a membership fee, it just to kick off with some kind of fundraising drive. Like selling ice blocks etc. few women agreed.


Boyom suggested two leaders needs committee all agreed and will consider this in the next meeting.
Boyom also proposed that the Sewing Machines will be based here with me and when needed they’ll come to pick up.
I explain that I will seek your opinion and then next Sunday meeting will discuss in full.

A women commented that previous a women interpreted  the groups Objectives wrong, saying that this group is for Vakuta  people only .

Then I made full explanation today and in the near future when time permeates I will go to New Kitava Compound and address the community. (That’s ok, I will handle this).
Since that this is the first meeting we had we just shared what’s in the minds of the women.


Photo of the women who attended the meeting
From Left to Right:

Mrs. Agatha Makula;

Boyom (Monica);

Dulcie Tobina… elect Leader

Beverly Tomuriesa ( Committee)

Grace Bonnel

Mary Mark ……Assistant Leader

Rudy Jonathan

Nathasa Marin

(I’m not in there, I took the photo)

John Makula
Sunday 2 September 2012 - Getting the rural Papua New Guinea people to work for themselves and their community to build that self reliance in Nation Building for tomorrow.