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Core Committe Meeting 12/09/12

Vakuta PNG Help Group Milne Bay Association (inc)

P.O.Box 393, Alotau, Milne Bay Province 211
Papua New Guinea
Core Group Committee
Meeting 2-12/09/2012

Date:     12 September 2012
Place :     Mr. & Mrs. Makulas Residence
Time:    02:30pm – 03:30pm

In attention:

1.    Dulcie Tobina
2.    Mrs. Mary Mark
3.    Mrs. Rudy Jonathan
4.    Mrs. Beverly Tomuriesa
5.    Mrs. Monica (Boyom) Kevaro
6.    Mrs. Nathasa Martin
7.    Dianne Tovaboda
8.    Lynette Jonathan
9.    Rita Kilion
10.    Mr. John Makula


Opening prayer by Beverly Tomuriesa

Reading of the previous minutes.

All accepted

Read Graces emails: all women understood and gave sometimes to think about  and discuss.

Main points were:

1.    General contribution in every meeting of any amount
Started today collected K10.20
This general collection is assist core group to buy cordial or other relevant items which are sellable.

2.    Membership Registration:
All women present agreed as to start off with K10.00 per person.
This fees will be paid on 23 September 2012 after Independence.
Dulcie Tobina encouraged women to pay their fees quickly.
Another member informed the meeting that all may become members but this core group will screen all who wants to join.

In general  core women group wants good relationship, no gossips and be committed to assisted
The women are asked to come along with at least one new member on 2e September 2012.

3.    Thursday tomorrow, we will check the container at Pastor’s place (CLC). Confirmed with Pastor this evening, he will be leaving for POM tomorrow so Geoffrey will be with us.

After checking then I will brief you and what would be the next action plan.


Further detail discussion on the use of sewing machine and sale.
Understanding reached today was that.

To use the sewing machine by a registered members only will pay K10.00, at least a week or two the most.
A sale a women makes: if Mary makes K100.00, then comes to me reports and receipt K100.00, And K50.00 deposit to main Account (VPNGHGMBA) and K50.00 for that particular women.

So that was the understanding that was reached. So what’s your comment on this.
If any further clarification then please do so forward to me before 23 September 2012.

No further business meeting close with a prayer by leader Dulcie Tobina.

Refreshments serves then all depart, 03.30pm

Minuted by John Makula
For record purposes.

John Makula
Sunday 2 September 2012 - Getting the rural Papua New Guinea people to work for themselves and their community to build that self reliance in Nation Building for tomorrow.