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an affordable fuel for PNG


As fuel is to expensive for the rural people of PNG, BIO-FUEL, and especially  BIO-DIESEL  is a practicable and affordable alternative.

BIO-DIESEL is easy to make, and after the “kit” has been purchased and set up, there are almost no running cost involved. NO TOXIC CHEMICALS are used and there is NO TOXIC BY-PRODUCT produced.

BIO-DIESEL can be used to run generators, fuel stoves, and any diesel engine will run on this fuel with no modifications needed.

A by-product of making BIO-DIESEL is glycerin, Which can be made into soap for personnel use, Traded for other things, Or sold to create an income.

These kits are another important step for the people who live in the rural areas of PNG, as they will help them to become self reliant, and be able to improve their standard of living.

In the western world we don`t think twice about turning lights, air conditioners, fans, and other electrical appliances on, But for the people in the rural areas of PNG it is a completely different world.


  • Finances
  • Diesel powered generators
  • Expired LPG bottles for BBQ`s (large size, these make great stoves )
  • Oil burning lamps

If you would like to make a donation toward this project please contact: Peter Townsend by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The bio-diesel kit we intend to purchase for PNG uses a “wickering filter”, and acusorb beads to make the bio fuel.

Gravity is used to pass the oil ( in the case of PNG coconut oil will be used ) through the filter. This filter only allows the usable oil to pass through, It stops water and any thing containing water, ( this includes the glycerin that is in vegetable and plant oil ).

Gravity is used once again to pass the filtered oil through the acusorb beads, These beads ensure the oil is clean and ready to use. And that’s it ! , this bio fuel is ready to go straight into the fuel tank, oil burning lamp, or oil burning stove. - Getting the rural Papua New Guinea people to work for themselves and their community to build that self reliance in Nation Building for tomorrow.