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Birthing Packs for the Rural Areas of Papua New Guinea

Help Mothers & Baby's Brighten Their World

This is a project that we would like to hand over to the rural Church Women’s Groups to run it with the cost of K1.00 per pack.  The cash will go to the Women’s Group.  The little cash they raise will help them keep the project going.  All Workers should be all volunteers.  They will be willing to help their women in their community.

Once every year we would like to receive some report of their activities and their need of supply to keep them going.  (Pictures will be nice to have)

We will supply the sewing Machines cottons needles both hand sewing and machine.  All the resource that we supply to the women in the rural PNG, will help them with their Baby Pack Project... we are trying to encourage them to display their God given talents and potentials, to be self reliant in helping their own community to survive and become self-reliant.

 All distributions come under Vakuta PNG Help Group Australia Inc.

The Branch in Alotau will be taking care of the rest of the distributions and keep records of where the distributions are going to.  They will report to us of the supply needed once all has shipped out to the rural areas.


Contents Of The Pack:

  1. Instruction sheet
  2. One groundsheet to give birth on
  3. One pair of scissors to cut the umbilical chord
  4. String to tie the chord or clips
  5. One sheet to wrap the baby
  6. One soap and one hand towel
  7. Pair of gloves
  8. Two nappies and two safety pins
  9. Three Recycle sanitary pads for mothers
  10. Disinfected wipes
  11. Cream for baby's bottom
  12. Baby powder for baby - Getting the rural Papua New Guinea people to work for themselves and their community to build that self reliance in Nation Building for tomorrow.