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Water Pump


The single biggest achievement of our group so far has been the installation of 5 water pumps on Vakuta, Before the pumps were put into place the villagers (including the children) used to carry bucket loads of fresh clean water from caves hundreds of meters away from the village, They no longer have to do that now, and it has been a blessing for everyone, most especially the school children.

We raised enough money to buy 6 pumps and were very fortunate that a Uniting Church group in Alotau heard about our water pump project, and actually took charge of the installation of 5 of them. (The last remaining pump is yet to be installed once the library and church building go up.)

Without their technical knowledge and man power the project would not have eventuated, Not only did they install the 5 pumps, they also shouldered the high cost of putting in the 2 pumps for the school, through to the village then to the mission station. Our deep gratitude goes to them for assisting us in making our water pump project a success.

Fresh water is a very precious commodity on the Islands, So our objective is to purchase and install more pumps where they are needed. Our next target is the rural Pomio district of the East New Britain province. Grace has been soliciting the support of Mr. Warren Price from  Fundraiser`s friend to offer us a hand in the project.

Unfortunately the Uniting Church group in Alotau services only the Milne Bay province, so they can`t help us with this one. Lets pray we can find their equivalent somewhere. - Getting the rural Papua New Guinea people to work for themselves and their community to build that self reliance in Nation Building for tomorrow.